I am a French artist based in Vancouver, BC, where I am currently doing my MFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

In these studios where we all think and feel a lot, it seems that everything changes constantly - my moody practice shifts continuously and I am having difficulty describing it in a few sentences just now, well chosen sentences that are not too broad nor exclusionary.


What I can tell you is that I work with different mediums, photography and writing being the dearest to me, and that I try to combine them in multimedia installations. My research focuses on notions of displacement, through transit, travel and translation. I am also interested in the (sometimes passive) act of seeing, in our position in the landscape, in our body as a frame for what we see, where we stand, a receptor for what we feel and potentially what we remember. Flux, fluidity and movement are always present in my work, in my writing and in my head, and I am very much interested in and inspired by water - tides as migratory movements, immersion to talk about language and expatriation, submersion to talk about overwhelming and feelings. I have been walking around, and I can't wait to go swimming.