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I am a French and Canadian artist currently based in Paris, France.

My practice is interdisciplinary yet is rooted in a photographic language. 

I often talked about my work in terms of space. The space our body takes in a room and in the landscape, the space we occupy and the space we’re from. Space as unknown, but also familiar, and sometimes distance. Space as something we move in, as somewhere we go to, as something we miss or long for (place). It is more and more about time. The time we take to look at things, the times we don’t and the things we still see. The time to take the photograph, and the time to look at it. And perhaps these various ways of looking are different intersections of space and time. Now, in my work, I aim to make room for these intersections, to make the imaginary a space of its own.

The main question I ask is how can I represent what I cannot fully grasp? This process allows embracing the uncertain, giving space and time to everything that we don't see when we don't pay attention to it. My studio practice is a translation of those moments of liminality into installations - it is a materialization of the intangible, an emphasis of the overlooked, an archive of the ephemeral. It comes from play, memory, boredom - it talks of slowness, architecture, our bodies in space and light passing by as a clock. 

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